From the belly of a bee to your skincare cupboard

You might be surprised to learn that beeswax comes from four glands on the underside of a young bee. And it’s amazing stuff — without beeswax, there would be no hives. It has the delicate strength to support the whole hive and form the intricate honeycomb shape.

The benefits of beeswax

From lip balm to lotions, soaps and scrubs, beeswax can make your skin smile. Check out just some of the ways beeswax can give your skin a boost.

The Rosehaven Beeswax Lady

As our resident Beeswax Lady, Pam is keen to share all that she’s learnt. Pam offers workshops, too. From homemade skincare products to DIY beeswax wraps, she’s here to teach you how to make the most of a lump of beeswax.

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