Stud Donkeys

Put your ass-umptions aside 

Body American Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys are gentle, friendly and make great pets. At Rosehaven Farm, we’ve got a delightful little band of donkeys. Porsha, Mitsy, Malibu, Little Sue, Lucy and Mia are our girls. We’ve also got William the gelding and our stud male (the guy we breed with) is called Shadow.

Donkeys have a reputation for being stubborn, but we’re found this breed to be affectionate, intelligent and easy to train. We always know when they want our attention — they make it clear with playful nudges, snuffles, snorts and brays.

Miniature and proud of it

Some people think that miniature donkeys are bred down to size, but that’s not the case. They’re a breed of their own and have been used for generations as beasts of burden.

These days, most miniature mediterranean donkeys are kept as pets or for showing.

Shadow’s a stud

Our stud male, Shadow, is available for breeding. He is part of the Australian register of the American Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, which was established by the Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia (DABSA). 

This means that he is descended from one of the original American Miniature Mediterranan donkeys that were imported to Australia in 1929.

Keen to breed one of your ladies with Shadow?

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