Alpaca Herd Guards

Rosehaven alpacas are the loveable thugs you need to protect your crops and flocks

Most city folk don’t know that alpacas are world class fox chasers. Once alpaca herd guards identify their territory, they are relentless in their pursuit to chase or stomp every last fox that comes calling.

Alpacas make excellent herd guards for sheep, lambs, free range chooks — any creature that is appealing to foxes.

Rosehaven alpacas are proven herd guards

Not all alpacas are created equal. An effective herd guard needs to have the right disposition — and that can be accomplished through breeding. There are a few other considerations, too: 

If you’re in the market for herd guard alpacas, we’ll work with you to provide appropriate animals for your needs.

Not sure how many herd guard alpacas you need?

We can help! When it comes to sheep, two wethers can usually look after a mob of 250-400. Alpacas work best when rotated between a number of smaller paddocks, rather than asking two boys to patrol a very large area.

Ready to outfox predators?

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