Beeswax Wrap Hexagon Refresher Block – 60g


Rosehaven Beeswax Refresher Blocks are Made by Us, By Hand for You!




Handmade on our beautiful 60-acre property in the Grampians, these little blocks of goodness will keep your beeswax wraps in tip-top shape!

The blocks are carefully blended with the beeswax formed on farm, Jojoba Oil and Natural Pine Tree Resin, creating a natural antibacterial.

Our little blocks come with one cotton Sandwich Size Wrap for you to cover and start your reusable collection, and will allow your products to stand the test of time.

If you are already on the Beeswax Wrap bandwagon (good on you!), you definitely need Refresher Blocks on hand!

Helpful hints:
Did you know you can refresh your wraps by using an electric oven or an iron?

* Due to Quarantine regulations this product is not able to be sent to Western Australia.

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